My Journey Into Parenting and Living As It Comes…Naturally


We’ve all heard it…

Attachment- Gentle- Evolutionary- Biological- Permissive- Helicopter- Nurturant- Spiritual- Authoritative- Instinctive-



The more I hear about “types” of parenting, the more I feel left out.  I get it. Well-intentioned mamas categorize their parenting to form a comradery with other like-minded mamas.  The only problem is I don’t fit in any one category, and I bet you don’t either.  Sure I do a lot of things associated with attachment parenting but not everything.  I consider myself a gentle parent, but sometimes I lose my cool and feel a little too touched out to snuggle (Thank God for husbands!).  I attempt to parent instinctively, to follow my gut, but I still call my mom when my son coughs to see if it’s time to call the doctor.  I certainly don’t fit any one category perfectly.  So the most frustrating part of labeling parenting is that at the first mention of doing something that is *not* associated with said parenting type the judgement starts.


We’ve all heard it…

Judgement.  Criticism.  Snide remarks.  Debates.  Combative tones.

Just for parenting differently than someone else.  For not subscribing to a one size fits all approach.


So I’m doing it.  I’m returning to the stone ages before labels and books and competition took over parenting (ok, not really!)  But I am unlabeling parenting.  I am doing away with judgement.  I am simplifying.  I am parenting intentionally. This is just the beginning of my parenting journey in this crazy world and I’m choosing my path carefully.


I’m choosing:

  1. to parent without labels  – accepting whatever style works in the moment
  2. to parent instinctively – following my gut to do what comes naturally
  3. to parent intentionally – making every decision out of love and respect
  4. to make the best decision for my family with the information I have at the time, even if it turns out to be the wrong choice – no regrets
  5. to accept that what works for me doesn’t work for everyone – respecting that armed with the exact same information, people will make very different decisions in the best interest of their family 
  6. to support others in their journey – even if they are on a different path
  7. to educate myself on the latest research so I can make informed choices – and pass it along so others can make informed choices
  8. to be aware that the choices I make today affect the world tomorrow – living consciously and intentionally


So here it goes.  This is my journey in parenting and living as it comes…naturally.  Join me on the venture.


Intentionally parenting, living, and loving,

Cave Mama Stephanie

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