Happy First Valentine’s Day, Son!


Dear Son,

This time last year we were just getting used to the idea of you. We had only known about your existence for 6 short weeks. We didn’t know if you were a boy or a girl or if you had ten fingers and toes. But we loved you! It’s funny how not even knowing you yet, we could love you so much. And now that you are here with us we have a whole new meaning of the word, the feeling, of love. We love you more than we knew we were capable of loving.

Daddy and I never did much for Valentine’s day because for us Valentine’s has never been about an expensive gift or extravagant dinner. Instead, we do something small – a card, a simple dinner together, or a little treat – just a little something to say a special I love you. Valentine’s is a day for us to reflect on where we started as a couple, how far we have come, and where we are going.

Last year was the first year that Valentine’s day wasn’t all about Daddy and I. Sure we reminisced about our dating days in college, our engagement, and our wedding. We laughed about our first year and half of marriage. But mostly, we joyously anticipated what was to come – you!

This year is the first year that Valentine’s day isn’t just Daddy and I. We have you!



We couldn’t be happier. We couldn’t be more in love! Someday when you are older Valentine’s day may be filled with little treats and special I love yous. But this year, most fitting is this letter. A simple I love you bursting with hopes and prayers for you.

I hope that you always know how much you are loved. I hope you know you were loved before you were even born. I hope you know we love your charm, your smiles and your laughter. I hope you know we love your cries, your demands and your imperfections. I pray that you grow up to know just how much you are loved. Every minute. Every day. All. The. Time.

I pray that someday you will grow up, fall in love, and move out. When you do I hope you always remember how much Mommy and Daddy love you. I hope you remember the special I love yous shared throughout the years. And most importantly I pray you carry that love with you.

I hope that someday if you find the love of your life, you skip the expensive gifts and extravagant dinners. Instead I hope you take the time to reminisce about your relationship – where you started, how far you’ve come, and where you are going. I hope you do this over a simple, lovely dinner topped off with maybe a special little treat. And most importantly I pray that you share a very special I love you.

I pray that some day you will have a child of your own, and I hope you say I love you to your baby. And then, in that moment, when you fully understand the meaning of unconditional, bursting LOVE – I hope you remember fondly, with a whole new appreciation, the love that Daddy and I give you always.

I love you forever.




PS- A sincere I love you to your Grandma and Grandpa. I have a whole new and grateful perspective on their unconditional love. Life full circle. <3



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