Raising a Pup and His Pal

All it took was 4.5 months and a snow day to have our first casualty. Chewed baby toys.

I have to say our puppy is great on most days. Wilbur is well-trained, sweet, and loving. He has more energy than I know what to do with.


Despite all this energy, he is especially calm near J. I was nervous at first. We were cautious. We supervised carefully. We were surprised by how he responded. A gentle nudge. A calm lick. A soft paw to say hello.


Watching the two bond is heartwarming. J adores him. He grins whenever the puppy is in sight. He giggles when he gets kisses. I mean, gut-belly giggles. Adorable! The puppy comes bounding out of nowhere at the first little fuss from J. He checks on him while he’s napping.

What’s not to love about having a family dog?


For starters:

Endless licking. It’s a work in progress. Wilbur is learning how to nudge and just be near.


Tugging ears. It’s a baby thing. J’s learning to be gentle.


Chewed toys. We have had a couple of casualties and many close calls. Wilbur’s learning what is off limits.


The dog hair smeared on a spit covered baby face. Mama’s learning to let go a little – it’s part of the game. (She’s also learning to sweep more!)


There is nothing better than seeing a boy adore his childhood dog. I know that someday I will be overjoyed to watch them play ball together in the back yard or venture off into the woods together. But getting there isn’t easy. It is hard enough adjusting to life with a baby without constant reminders to “leave it,” “get out of the kitchen,” and “stop barking the baby is sleeping!” There are days I give up and just send the puppy outside to play. There are days I consider throwing in the towel. Is adoption an option?  We’ve lowered the bar for sanity. The couch is now an acceptable place for Wilbur to rest his head. Chewing firewood seems like a great choice compared to J’s new toy. The bedroom is no longer off limits (It’s just too cute when Wilbur checks on J!)


The bottom line is that raising a baby and a puppy together takes a lot of energy and supervision. But for us the investment is worth it. Because there is nothing better than seeing a pup and his pal.



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