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J was just shy of 6 months when he had a melt down at Applebee’s while we were eating. I looked at my husband, shrugged my shoulders, reached for a celery stick, and so it began. The start of baby-led weaning. Read more

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, Son!


Dear Son,

Happy St. Paddy’s day!

You must be in touch with your Irish heritage. Today you figured out how to open the cabinet. I think you were trying to help yourself to some good ol’ Irish whiskey. Read more

What to Do: The “I’m Not Judging, I’m Not Crazy, These Are Facts” Dilemma


Our local coffee shop – Where bantering is par for the course!


When you know better, you can do better. But when you know better should you educate others to know better? (I say know because what they do with the information is up to them.) Is it a responsibility to educate others? A moral obligation? A nice gesture? Or is it overstepping boundaries? Read more

Being Intentional with our Time as Parents: 1/36


I can’t believe J is 6 months old today. Time flies! In many ways it feels like just yesterday that we had him, yet in some ways it seems an eon ago. He has changed so much in 6 months. He’s lost his newborn features, so much so that I already look at pictures and realize I “forget” what he looked like.
Mike and I spent some time reflecting on all the changes we’ve seen in the last 6 months. Read more

Clocked Out: Mama’s Time Off


As a stay-at-home Mom of a little one who started refusing bottles at 2 months (more on that here), my job has been 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is wonderful and helps out as much as he can. But the reality is, the brunt of parenting is my job. A 24/7 job. I love it. I wouldn’t want it any other way. But sometimes even Mama’s need a break. And I don’t mean the 20 minutes I’m in the shower or the 2 hour nap kind of break. I mean a real break.

Read more

Take a Bottle, Any Bottle!


Take a bottle, any freakin bottle!!!

If you have a bottle collection that looks like mine or a baby that refused bottles, this is a sentiment you probably know all too well. Read more