J was just shy of 6 months when he had a melt down at Applebee’s while we were eating. I looked at my husband, shrugged my shoulders, reached for a celery stick, and so it began. The start of baby-led weaning.


J had been showing signs of food readiness for awhile. He sits on his own. He reaches for our food. He makes chewing motions with his mouth as he watches us eat. He was ready. His interest in food progressed quickly from that first celery stick. Cucumbers and celery have become a family dinner staple.



His interest in food is very clear. He enjoys joining us at family meals and he gets upset when you take food away. But while the interest in food is there, the interest in actually eating food is a work in progress. He prefers to squish and smash than actually ingest!


All the squishing and mushing has resulted in some BIG, albeit fun, messes!


Slow but sure, though, he’s learning to eat. Carrots, bananas, squash and avocados. He enjoys chunks he can hold and independently explore but also enjoys some mashed banana or avocado on a spoon that he can hold, fling, and somehow even shovel into his mouth!


Sometimes he struggles a little and isn’t sure what to do with it. And sometimes Mama gets nervous and “helps” even though she knows she doesn’t have too. It’s hard to just sit and watch!

Overall though he is doing really well with his new food experience. And in case you are wondering, so far, his favorites by far are:

Steak and bacon!


What a fun journey this is watching him taste and enjoy food with us. Let the family meals begin!


“God our Father, Lord and Savior,

Thank you for your love and favor.

Bless this food and drink we pray,

And all who share with us today.

Thank you for the food we eat,

Thank you for the world so sweet,

Thank you for the birds that sing,

Thank you God for everything!”

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