Verdicts In: Amber Teething Necklace


Everyone has suggestions for teething woes. Frozen teething rings. Ice cubes in mesh holders. Counter pressure. Tylenol. Camilia. Homeopathic teething tablets. Oral gels. In desperation: does whiskey on the gums work?!? Just kidding!!! And now, of course, the amber teething necklace.

Some people swear by it. Some people dismiss it as hogwash.

I was skeptical but we also don’t use medicine much in our house and are not keen on using Tylenol or risky teething gels as our go to teething relief. So when J was 2 1/2 months old and the drool was getting insane, we asked for a necklace for Christmas. It didn’t help. He was still drooling buckets daily! We changed bib after bib. Outfit after outfit. Even though the drool was still constant the teething necklace just became a part of J. 24/7 we rocked a Baltic amber teething necklace, taking it off only for baths. Maybe it wasn’t doing anything but it was still cute and couldn’t hurt, right?

Then one night Mike forgot to put it back on after bath (not uncommon). What is uncommon is that the next day I didn’t realize it when getting J dressed and he went the whole day without it…and went to bed without it. A whole 24+ hours without our silly, little necklace, unbeknownst to us.

Then 2:30 am came. Then 3 am. Then 3:30 am. J was half asleep, with spurts of crying and lots of fussing. Mike got up and tried to burp him and walk him to sleep but that just resulted in screaming. So Mama got up. We snuggled up in our favorite carrier against his favorite fuzzy bathrobe; and we walked the halls.


Just to put hall walking in our house into perspective: this was the first time EVER that this Mama walked the hall in the middle of the night. And Daddy had only walked the hall twice, following J’s lip tie revision. So this is a VERY UNUSUAL occurrence for us.

We walked and walked and walked. J slept. I sat down. J fussed. I did dishes. J slept. I sat down. J cried. I did laundry. J slept. I sat down. J fussed.

Finally at 5 am this Mama needed sleep. Daddy’s turn! Daddy walked and walked and walked. J slept. At 6:30 Daddy left for work. A few more minutes of shut eye would have been great but seeing J was the only one who actually slept that night, he was ready for the day. So up it was. I changed him and got him dressed for the day. And in my blurry eyed, delirious state, I realized the silly, little necklace was missing from his neck. I back tracked in my mind and realized it had been off since his last bath now 36 hours ago.

I called my husband at work thinking I must be crazy. That it had to be a coincidence. Right?!? He laughed at me. I called my Mom and she suggested testing the theory in a week or so by taking the necklace back off and seeing what happened. We put the necklace back on and went back to our typical quiet nights. He’s definitely teething. He’s gumming everything. And we have a bump but no tooth. But despite the teething our nights have been restful. Our days have been fun.

Well it’s a full week later and my husband once again forgot to put the necklace on after a bath. I found the necklace hanging out on our bathroom sink. Willing to test the theory but a little apprehensive, I dangled it in front of my husband and simply stated, “you own him at 2 am.” He immediately replied, “Go put it on him right now. He won’t wake up.” I said, “It’s ok, I’ll do it in the morning.” To which he replied, “No seriously, go put it on him.”

I guess he’s not willing to test the theory!

We’ll just choose to accept that it helps our little teether…even if it was *maybe* just a coincidence.

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