To Whisper Sweet Nothings



Dear Husband,

Today is our 3rd anniversary and I can’t help but reflect on how much our relationship has changed, especially since having J. We’ve known each other almost 7 years and have seen many ups and downs. This past year has been especially filled with change, adjustments, and compromise. It’s been challenging every step of the way, yet rewarding beyond measure. It has depth and breath and life. It’s sustaining. Truly sustaining. I don’t know where I would be without it. Without you.

You get it. You get me. You may not fully comprehend, but you understand.  You somehow know just when to swoop in to the rescue and when to stand back, watching. You are flexible, loving, and supportive. Did I mention flexible? You generally don’t blink twice when things change on a dime, emotions spiral by the second, and opinions flip-flop for the nine-millionth time.

And you still whisper sweet nothings.

Really, you do. They’re not the same as they used to be and you probably don’t even realize you do it. But you do.

Sweet nothings woven throughout our day.

Sweet nothings that are music to my ears.


Like when you swing J up in the air, very clumsily check his diaper, and announce that it’s nothing, his diapers just need stripping.

What?!? You actually know the word strip? I mean besides strip bars and strip naked…


Or like the other night when you were out late and came home while I was in the bath with a hot cup of tea after an especially trying day. And I heard the distinct sound of you adding your days dishes to the sink, but wait…running water? I called out that you didn’t have to do the dishes, I’d do them when I got out. Yet you replied, “No it’s ok, just relax, I’ll do them.”

Really? One less thing to do before bed?


And then there’s the time you asked me to get acetaminophen. But specifically requested the tablets, not the capsules. When I asked why, you ranted a bit about how the capsules have Red #40 and it’s just ridiculous and that it doesn’t need to be in everything, and how there’s no reason they need to color pills. This, followed by a request for different bar soap because you don’t want to think about what’s in yours. Followed by a request for more Arnica. And a request for different toothpaste. And less plastic containers. And more Chamomile to make wipe solution.

Wait, what? You made wipe solution? Score!

You know…you’re really starting to sound like…well…me. But it shows that you listen to my rants and think about what I say. It shows that this is important to you too. It validates what I struggle to balance


You see it’s all the little things. The sweet nothings that flow throughout the day. It’s the way you help out giving baths and putting J to bed. It’s in dishes, sweeping and laundry. It’s the way you rant about high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, and preservatives. It’s in the eye roll you give me at car seats on top of carriages and forward facing little tots.

It all shows that you listen, that you care, that it matters.


We’re still adjusting to life as parents. Our days ebb and flow. Our relationship has seen new depth and beautiful growth. You’ve supported that, sustained that. And through it all, you whisper sweet nothings.


Sweet nothings that make me want to maybe dig out some sexy lingerie…from somewhere under piles of cloth diapers, dirty socks, and stale O’s…

Keep it together…I said dig them out…I didn’t say put them on 😉


Here’s to our daily challenges, triumphs, and sweet, sweet nothings.


Happy Anniversary Love! xoxo


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