One Year. One Marble.

Dear Son,

I cannot believe that you are one!


The year flew by with so many milestones and so much growth and development. It was such a joy watching all the changes throughout your first year. It was a year filled with smiles, laughter, rolling, sitting, standing, eating, crawling, climbing, walking, and jibberish chatter. You kept so busy with play dates, walks, Wilbur, toys and toys and toys. You loved the park, the library, Courtney’s house with all the kids, Grandma and Grandpa’s and Mima and Papa’s, Barbara’s and Auntie Helen’s and of course the coffee shop.


You are growing so fast and are no longer a baby but a walking, chattering toddler. It is so fun to be a part of your exploration but parenting a busy, moving, growing boy has its challenges too. Our church, family and friends have provided support and sustenance for the first year and are a reminder to us to be intentional in how we parent.


Courtney witnessed as Daddy and I took the first marble from our dedication jar. It still makes its home on my bureau and it is a daily visual reminder that our time to directly parent, mold and shape you is fleeting, and we must be intentional with our choices.

Daddy and I pray for you often and do our best to parent simply and intentionally. The first year that was an ever changing flow. We were constantly adapting as you grew and quickly changed. But in its simplicity, parenting intentionally for us has been about one thing. We pray constantly that we can raise you to be a man of God. We pray that you know the Lord and follow His ways. We will continue to bring you to church, read Bible stories, and play with nativities, arks, and more. Your Godparents also pray for you often and want you to grow to know the Lord.

We want you to be a man of God because we pray that you have a strong faith and find comfort in our Lord through life. But I also pray that you grow to be a man of God because there are so many qualities that I desire for you, that come from knowing the Lord. I pray that you are patient, forgiving, well-adjusted, happy, loving, kind, considerate, hard-working, and faithful. Our daily decisions are based in wanting you to be secure, independent and respectful.

We have spent endless hours snuggling you, caring for you, and responding to your needs. We have done our best to be patient and responsive. We have given you the time and comfort to form a deep attachment and bond so that you now feel safe exploring, knowing that we will be there if you need help navigating.

We work tirelessly to provide a safe environment for you to explore in. We have given you the space to learn through error. We have given you a chance to understand cause and effect. We have allowed you to climb and tumble, open and close, pull and push, sometimes to our dismay.

photo (5)


(You bumped a chair while Mommy was out, cried until Daddy picked you up, and then had a big smile and couldn’t have cared less that you got your first “real” boo-boo)

But you astonish us.

We’ve spotted you while you accomplished things I never thought you could, like climbing our attic stairs, crawling backwards down stairs, mastering the slide at the park, building towers, drinking from cups, using plates and silverware, and so much more.

You have developed strong preferences and intense persistence. You can get so frustrated when trying to figure things out yet are so proud of yourself when you do. We already see in you so many of the qualities we desire. You are persistent, happy, loving and well-adjusted. Every day we strive to help you become more independent, to learn something new, and to continue developing faithful qualities of patience and respect.

You are still so little, yet in so many big ways, you are well on your way to growing into a well-adjusted, respectful man of God. I am so overjoyed by this past year with you, so blessed to be your Mama, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the years to come.



Happy First Birthday!



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