Christmas Traditions

Christmas was so much fun this year. J was a great age to love the lights and ornaments, wrapping paper and boxes.

Christmas morning was an enjoyable time together. His excitement was contagious.

The Christmas season was filled with parties and gatherings, with family and friends. He loved the music and food and of course, being the center of attention!

But this year was also a year of discussion, of prayers, and of intentions.

This was the year that we together as parents had to really start thinking about what we want our traditions to look like for years to come.

What values do we want to instill? What message do we want to teach? What is most important to us? How will we celebrate? Will we partake in the secular celebrations? Will we focus solely on the true meaning of Christmas? Will we somehow incorporate the two? What will it look like for us?

J was too little to understand any of this, this year but next year he will be beginning to understand, to form ideas. And the following year for sure. So this year was the start of us grappling with our intentions.

We don’t have all the answers. Thankfully we don’t have to. We still have time to build our traditions. But this year was a big step. It was conversation. It was thinking. It was questioning. It was the beginning of being intentional with our traditions.

We know we will celebrate Jesus’ birth and resurrection.

We know we will share in the joy of Christmas with family and friends.

We know we won’t lie about Santa, the elf on the shelf, or the Easter bunny.

We know we won’t focus on gifts and Christmas hoopla.

We know we won’t tell him Santa is watching and checking his list.

We think we will talk about Saint Nick and the children of his town.

We think we will read mythical books about Santa, Elves, Reindeer, and Peter Cottontail.

We know that we will make holidays special in our own way.

We just aren’t 100% sure yet how that will look.

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