Time’s a Crazy Thing

December is always our reminder of how crazy time is!

It’s Christmas. It seems the older you get, the faster you blink and Christmas is here again. But it’s so much more than that. For us, December is a daily reminder to count our blessings and to reflect on all we have, where we’ve been and where we are going.

November 29: We get our Christmas tree every year at the Christmas tree farm where we had our wedding (August 2011).

December 7: J is 15 months.

December 18: We conceived him 2 years ago.

December 7: We bought our house 4 years ago.

December 9: We started dating 7 years ago.

It’s been quite the week for reminiscing about how much has happened in the last year or 7. Where does time go?

I can’t help but feel very grateful this Christmas season for my husband, a warm, cozy home, and our growing little boy.

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