A Year of Clean(er) Eating


It’s hard to believe but it was a year ago already that we started our journey to clean(er) eating [See how we got started here]. What a difference a year has made!

Overall we have become very intentional with our food choices. We try to buy healthy, whole, minimally processed foods. We avoid additives, preservatives, dyes, refined grains and sugars.

It’s been a learning curve for sure. We are trying to find a balance between buying fresh and healthy at home and still living and enjoying some past favorites. But we are doing really well eating wholesome meals for the most part. But then there’s always Chinese take out! 😉

J has been a great influence for us to eat better. Sharing all of our meals with him has made us be more aware of what we are fueling our own bodies with. And it honestly feels good. We both feel healthier and like knowing that we are prepping J’s palate to favor healthy, wholesome meals.

We still have a ways to go with improving our foods. We still have much to learn. We are a year in to our learning and are considering organic. We are starting to buy local meats and dairy. We are considering a weekly vegetable delivery. We are learning to find balance. We are learning what is most important to us to “always” follow and what we are more flexible on.

I was just invited to participate in a new group, Eat Less Sugar (You’re Sweet Enough Already) focused on minimizing sugar and eating healthy, wholesome foods. I still feel like I have so much to learn but this year has been a great start!

That time Market Basket was on strike and then we discovered the joy of Wegman’s!

IMG_1720Whole wheat muffin birthday cake with whipped cream cheese cocoa peanut butter frosting

Yummy meals!

And of course the occasional Holiday treat for good measure!


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