I’m Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

My husband doesn’t like anything hot or spicy. I mean nothing! Zero! Nada!

No chili with a kick, no “but it’s really mild,” I mean truthfully he barely does mild salsa. Tangy, spicy, mild, anything “with a kick”, even sometimes super salty, sour or bold-flavored are all too much for his palate.

He gets teased…a lot. I always joked with people who questioned it, if you wouldn’t give it to a baby, don’t give it to him.

Well that jokes out the window.

J apparently loves things with a kick of bold flavor. Jalapeno poppers, pizza crust dipped in buffalo sauce, wasabi ranch snapeas, lemons, tangy pickles, salsa con queso, chili….

So even if you would give it to the baby…you still probably shouldn’t give it to my husband 😉

Jalapeno poppers and other fun foods!


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