Snow What?

Normally I don’t mind that it snows. I never like it. I grumble that it’s cold. But It’s New England and it’s winter. So what? It’s snow.

But this, this is getting a little out of control.

J loves it. Snow is a new experience for him. He likes to watch it fall out the window, pointing saying “no, no, Mama, no!”

And I love how his eyes widen every morning as if he is seeing the white blanket for the first time. He begs at the door to go outside. He puts on his crooked hat and tugs my hand. He knocks on the door and pulls at the knob. We talk about how it is too cold and too snowy to play outside right now. But we open the door anyway to feel the chill rush in, and the flurries hit our cheek. He blinks every time, like each morning is his first time experiencing the winter air. He shakes his head and together we close the door.

Usually I say, so what, it’s snow. We spend a couple snow days in, keeping warm by the fire. But after the last two weeks, and with next weeks forecast, I think we’ve had enough snow!

J and I want to play!!!!!

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