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Chemicals in Wipes (and other products) & What You Can Do About It!


So what is with this “new” headline that wipes cause skin rashes? Well the truth is this isn’t new information. It is just new to the U.S.

When I was registering for baby care products during pregnancy I was really picky. I wanted to reduce the chemicals I’d be exposing J to. Some people told me I was overreacting and that any baby product would do. But I knew in my gut all the chemicals couldn’t be good. I did more research and discovered that Europe banned over 1,000 chemicals from health and skin care products because they are known toxins and carcinogens. The U.S. FDA has banned less than a dozen. That is hundreds of known toxic chemicals that we expose ourselves to daily in soap, shampoo, make-up, lotion, etc. Knowing this, I made an effort to select more natural skin care choices for my family.¬†

But it is everywhere. So what can we do about it? Read more

Cave Mama’s Wipe Solution


Want to make your own wipes? It is fast and easy. I like to make a large batch and save the extra solution for next time, but you can adjust the recipe to meet your needs. Read more