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Chicken Pot Pie


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Cranberry Chicken

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A Year of Clean(er) Eating


It’s hard to believe but it was a year ago already that we started our journey to clean(er) eating [See how we got started here]. What a difference a year has made!

Overall we have become very intentional with our food choices. We try to buy healthy, whole, minimally processed foods. We avoid additives, preservatives, dyes, refined grains and sugars. Read more

Banana Oatmeal Cookies


I searched high and low for a delicious, clean-eating oatmeal cookie. I read recipe after recipe but each one seemed to be missing a little something or contained ingredients I wanted to avoid. After looking at several recipes, I gave up. I pulled several ideas together and went with it. The results were delicious!

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Intentional Eating


Inspired by the fact that J will begin eating foods with us in the next couple of months and challenged by my sister, we’re taking the plunge. We cleaned out our pantry and we’re starting fresh. Literally. Read more