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40 Days of Clutter!

I was challenged by a friend to join her for 40 days of decluttering. Every day for 40 days I was supposed to tackle something – Clean out the fridge, go through old clothes, finally sort through the ever growing pile of mail, delete the thousands of emails in the inbox, finish a project, etc. So I did it! For the last 40 days I have been organizing, sorting, and getting rid of old stuff that we just don’t need. Some days took some creativity but below is my 40 days of decluttering! Hopefully this challenge will continue for me. Hopefully it has given me the inspiration I needed to see that tackling one small thing a day adds up quickly. And hopefully it is a habit and a lifestyle that I can intentionally keep up.


Day 1: Painted J’s bedroom


Day 2: Went through my shoe collection and donated many that I never wear


Day 3: Organized the mess that was the top of our fridge


Day 4: Went through a pile of outside junk and cleaned up the area


Day 5: Went through our freezers – Got rid of a few things that were well-expired and “re-inventoried” so we know what to eat for the next few weeks!


Day 6: Organized outside toys and got ready for spring

Day 7: Followed up on emails and phone calls that had long been on the to-do list and designed and ordered my doula business cards!

Day 8, 9, and 10: Went through drawers around the house and reorganized, child-locked what needed to be locked and got rid of the “junk” drawer stuff we NEVER use!

Day 11 and 12: Worked on our chain link fence and cleaning up the play area


Day 13: Finished J’s room – hung pictures, hung a shelf, put his books that have been in totes on the shelf, etc

Day 14: Organized the creams and ointments


Day 15: Tackled the “odds and ends” laundry basket that had been accumulating all the objects that I didn’t have a home for in the house. Finally made myself make a spot for everything or get rid of it if I really never use it.


Day 16: Organized J’s closet


Day 17: Revamped our shoe area – got rid of the totes they were kept in and got an end table to keep them in


Day 18: Organized J’s plates, cups and bowls and got rid of ones we never use


Day 19: Finished our bathroom!!!!! Wood trim – Check! Pictures – Check! Closet nook – Check!

Day 20: Went through the bathroom magazines and got rid of the old ones that just accumulate and accumulate


Day 21: Made arrangements to get rid of the couch we never use – Cleaned under the couches and realized my son could be on the big comfy couch with all the treasures he stores in it!

Day 22 and 23: Painted the playroom


Day 24: Went through the fridge – cleaned it and got rid of expired things and old left-overs


Day 25 and 26: Finished the play area outside (Just waiting for grass to grow!)

Day 27: Organized the desk and got rid of old papers/files


Day 28: Put up shelves and organized extra toys


Day 29: Caught up on laundry and donated clothes I never wear

Day 30: Put aside toys for donation that we don’t use

Day 31: Switched over J’s clothes to the next season and size – put some aside to pass on to a friend


Day 32: Touched up living room paint where we have chipped it over the years

Day 33: Finished the wood trim in the living room

Day 34: Organized our keys and our entertainment center

Day 35: “Found” our end table again – It had been covered with a collection of odd and ends – went through things, found homes, organized blankets, etc.


Day 36: Touched up our bedroom paint from where we chipped it over the years. Finished the wood trim!!

Day 37: Organized the car

Day 38: Worked on my daycare packet (handbook, contracts, etc)

Day 39: Set up our “patio” space so we can sit outside bug free, grill and enjoy our yard.

Day 40: Salvation run to donate a truck full of things!



Since the last day of the challenge, so far I have continued – not as diligently, but continued none-the-less. We’ve sorted through basement things, attic things, under the sink, and more. We’ve built shelves, donated goods, and finished projects. A little everyday makes such a difference and living a simpler, organized life is refreshing and freeing. I challenge you to join the challenge.

Snow What?

Normally I don’t mind that it snows. I never like it. I grumble that it’s cold. But It’s New England and it’s winter. So what? It’s snow.

But this, this is getting a little out of control.

J loves it. Snow is a new experience for him. He likes to watch it fall out the window, pointing saying “no, no, Mama, no!”

And I love how his eyes widen every morning as if he is seeing the white blanket for the first time. He begs at the door to go outside. He puts on his crooked hat and tugs my hand. He knocks on the door and pulls at the knob. We talk about how it is too cold and too snowy to play outside right now. But we open the door anyway to feel the chill rush in, and the flurries hit our cheek. He blinks every time, like each morning is his first time experiencing the winter air. He shakes his head and together we close the door.

Usually I say, so what, it’s snow. We spend a couple snow days in, keeping warm by the fire. But after the last two weeks, and with next weeks forecast, I think we’ve had enough snow!

J and I want to play!!!!!

I’m Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

My husband doesn’t like anything hot or spicy. I mean nothing! Zero! Nada!

No chili with a kick, no “but it’s really mild,” I mean truthfully he barely does mild salsa. Tangy, spicy, mild, anything “with a kick”, even sometimes super salty, sour or bold-flavored are all too much for his palate.

He gets teased…a lot. I always joked with people who questioned it, if you wouldn’t give it to a baby, don’t give it to him.

Well that jokes out the window.

J apparently loves things with a kick of bold flavor. Jalapeno poppers, pizza crust dipped in buffalo sauce, wasabi ranch snapeas, lemons, tangy pickles, salsa con queso, chili….

So even if you would give it to the baby…you still probably shouldn’t give it to my husband 😉

Jalapeno poppers and other fun foods!


Sock Defeat

I give up.

With down time after the holidays, we pulled together every dirty sock we could find. Baby socks under the car seat, husband’s socks twisted in the sheets at the bottom of the bed, random socks under the couch, socks left tucked in shoes, the bottom of the diaper bag. Every sock hiding spot was checked and every stray sock I could find was gathered. All in hopes of finally dwindling our mismatched sock pile.

But I give up.

After matching all the socks I could possibly find, I still have a large pile of mismatched socks.

I am finally convinced that the dryer eats them.

photo 5 (3)photo 2 (5)

Time’s a Crazy Thing

December is always our reminder of how crazy time is!

It’s Christmas. It seems the older you get, the faster you blink and Christmas is here again. But it’s so much more than that. For us, December is a daily reminder to count our blessings and to reflect on all we have, where we’ve been and where we are going.

November 29: We get our Christmas tree every year at the Christmas tree farm where we had our wedding (August 2011).

December 7: J is 15 months.

December 18: We conceived him 2 years ago.

December 7: We bought our house 4 years ago.

December 9: We started dating 7 years ago.

It’s been quite the week for reminiscing about how much has happened in the last year or 7. Where does time go?

I can’t help but feel very grateful this Christmas season for my husband, a warm, cozy home, and our growing little boy.

Hampton Beach: Honoring a Memory

I have so many fond memories of Grandma bringing us to Hampton beach as kids. Just the girls. Rain or shine. Hot or cold. An annual summer tradition.

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Clocked Out: Mama’s Time Off


As a stay-at-home Mom of a little one who started refusing bottles at 2 months (more on that here), my job has been 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is wonderful and helps out as much as he can. But the reality is, the brunt of parenting is my job. A 24/7 job. I love it. I wouldn’t want it any other way. But sometimes even Mama’s need a break. And I don’t mean the 20 minutes I’m in the shower or the 2 hour nap kind of break. I mean a real break.

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Husband, I Miss You


My husband’s birthday and Valentine’s day is the same week. This year my best gift to him could not be bought. My gift to him was a sincere “I miss you.” It felt funny telling him “I miss you” when he was sitting right beside me. But it’s the truth. I miss my husband.

We wanted to have a baby. We planned for it. We tried for several months and were overjoyed when we were finally pregnant. We knew life would be different. We knew it would be an adjustment. Everyone warned us that finances, sleep, sex and our social life would change forever. We were ready- or at least as ready as we would ever be! But the one thing no one warned me about, the one thing I wasn’t ready for, is how much I miss my husband. Read more