While Summer Lingers

I don’t do winters well. I don’t like being cold. I don’t like snow. And I don’t do well without sun. So it brings me great joy and happiness when summer lingers.

This Fall has been refreshing. Days of warmth and sun, rainbows and roses.


Yes! Full-bloom roses in November. I know it’s cliche but they were the perfect reminder for me to stop and smell the roses…literally.

It’s been wonderful enjoying these last lingering moments of summer. We’ve been spending every chance we get outside, enjoying the sun while we can. The days are growing shorter and colder and winter is near. So for now, I will enjoy each lingering day with roses, rainbows and sun-kissed cheeks.

One Year. One Marble.

Dear Son,

I cannot believe that you are one!


The year flew by with so many milestones and so much growth and development. It was such a joy watching all the changes throughout your first year. Read more

Cleaning House

A week of organizing can go a long way! Read more

Evolving Sleep

I got together with a group of Mamas the other day to talk about sleep – what works, what doesn’t, the challenges and joys…but mostly…the lack of sleep with little ones in the house. It was a wonderfully candid conversation that was validating and raw. It was reassuring to know that we’re not the only family who has evolving sleeping arrangements. In the last 11 months, sleep has been a constant give and take, ebbing and flowing with milestones, teething, growing, emotions, and desperation. Here is a glimpse of what evolving sleep looks like at our house. Read more

To Whisper Sweet Nothings



Dear Husband,

Today is our 3rd anniversary and I can’t help but reflect on how much our relationship has changed, especially since having J. We’ve known each other almost 7 years and have seen many ups and downs. This past year has been especially filled with change, adjustments, and compromise. It’s been challenging every step of the way, yet rewarding beyond measure. It has depth and breath and life. It’s sustaining. Truly sustaining. I don’t know where I would be without it. Without you. Read more

Building a Village

281927_10152257824083543_1996863967426229637_nThe other day I read an article about missing the village I never had and it resonated with me. Daily I feel the pull, the desire for communal living, for raising children side by side, for a shoulder to cry on and a friend to laugh with. While the article put words to an emotion so deep within me, it also made me feel so blessed. I am blessed to have a village surrounding me and I am forever grateful for it.

I can’t even begin to truly describe my village. It’s so complex yet so simple. It’s beautiful. It’s love. It’s learning. It’s sharing. It’s there.

Here’s a glimpse of my village. Read more

Embracing Alphabet Soup


Some days this sends me over the edge. It leaves me frazzled and frustrated and tired. But most days I try to find patience, to see it from a one year old’s perspective, and embrace it as a learning experience. Read more

Hampton Beach: Honoring a Memory

I have so many fond memories of Grandma bringing us to Hampton beach as kids. Just the girls. Rain or shine. Hot or cold. An annual summer tradition.

10443381_10152501687194061_5357397029984997008_n Read more

39 Weeks, 3 Days

39 weeks, 3 days.

The tides are changing and I feel the sand shifting beneath me.

39 weeks, 3 days.

Today marks the day J has grown as long outside the womb as he did within.



Today I feel the shift, bittersweet. Caught between the tides. Still dependent and deeply intertwined, yet yearning for freedom and independence. Read more

Dear Heart and Soul: Remember Him Little


Dear Heart and Soul,

I want to remember this forever. If I could pause time I would. These moments are passing so quickly. If I blink they’ll soon be gone. I want to remember these feelings. I want to remember it all. Read more